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The Rain in Spain

I’m 18 years old, and I Love Audrey so much. It saddens me that she is no longer here, but she left so much greatness behind. I watch her movies in awe as she so gracefully moves across the screen, her voice and accent are so beautiful, as is she all over, but most of all on the inside ♥

It’s hard to say which is my favourite Audrey movie… I never ever tire of watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and I also love Charade, Funny Face, Sabrina, How to Steal a Million, My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday. All of which I own. I also have Paris when it sizzles, War and Peace, and Two for the Road (Which I Love as well :P )

I’m not sure what first lead me to watching Audrey movies, but I worked at a DVD store and got free DVDs so one night took home Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I was hooked then, searching the internet for the names of every movie Audrey’s ever been in, lol, I still have the list and hope one day when I’m older and rich (Ha! It will happen!) I can buy the rest of Audrey’s movies.

I also collect little things that have Audrey on, like little trinket boxes etc. A lot of decor shops have little things, the other day I bought a Breakfast at Tiffany's Bar Towel for $10, er...I don't have a bar, but, it has Audrey on it! Lol

My friends think I'm a little Cuckoo, but that's why I'm posting here! People who understand! :)


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